Latest ALA Promotional Codes for July 2020

ALA Promotional Codes are always coming and going, so it’s this websites job to make sure that each and every ALA discount code, deal, voucher and hot offer is working and updated daily. We search the web high and low, and work closely with ALA, to make sure we bring you only the best offers and promotional codes for ALA that save you money on your GAP insurance. Along with codes we also keep an eye on their deals and sales, and can let you know when new offers have been added.

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Below are the most promo codes for ALA Gap Insurance in May 2019…

How to apply your Ala Voucher Code to

It’s really easy to add your exclusive discount code to and this is how you do it.

Step 1 – Visit the homepage of Ala Gap Insurance and click the ‘Quote Me’ button near the top of the page.

Step 2 – Follow the next steps on the Ala website until you get to the following screen that looks like the screenshot below…

Ala discount code how to apply

Step 3 – Use the code you find on our site and either type it directly into the box highlighted or ‘copy’ and ‘paste’ the code into the box.

Step 4 – Once you’ve finished all the steps on the website you’ll receive your discount! Easy!

Last Updated: 4th January 2019

4th January 2019 We’ve just updated our entire range of promotional codes for ALA and checked each one to make sure you’re getting the biggest discount voucher possible. ALA Gap Insurance are possibly the best on the market when it comes to GAP car insurance and you can read the many rave reviews they have on their website and also places like TrustPilot. Get an instant ALA gap insurance quote today and be sure to use one of our working ALA promotional codes to get money off.

1st June 2018 All these ALA voucher codes are working great and ready to give you a nice discount on your GAP insurance when you purchase with ALA. They provide a great rate for your insurance and you can often find a 5% to 10% discount with us.

30th December 2015 Just giving you a quick update on everything that’s happening on this site. The promotional code to save you 10% is still working fine and going strong and seeing plenty of happy visitors to this site and using it. I don’t think we can beat this offer with anything else yet as it’s a very strong code, but we’ll keep trying and push to save you more money on your GAP insurance.

2nd August 2014 Not much going on today in the world of GAP insurance (as you’ve probably figured out) as not much happens. If you want to get more regular updates then you can follow the ALA Twitter Feed and they post some interesting articles and facts about why GAP insurance is so important in the UK.

If you’d like to keep always updated on all the latest and best promotional codes for ALA Gap Insurance then please bookmark this site and we’ll keep it updated for your next visit. We try really hard to save you money so it would be great to see you again soon when you need some car insurance from ALA.


Ala Gap Insurance

WikiPedia Page – Gap Insurance

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What Happens When A Car Is Written Off

Having a car written off, also known as a total loss or a total write off, means that you have little chance of the car getting repaired as the cost to do so would mean spending more than the car is worth. There are lots of reasons why a car insurance company write off cars and we’re going to cover that in this article. Hopefully this will help educate our readers and maybe prevent your car from being a total write off in the future.

How are cars decided to be a write off?

There are several factors that normally cause a car to be written off and these are generally accident, flood or fire damage, and of course if the car is stolen. If this happens then a car could be classified as a total write off for two main reasons.

The first reason could be the car is heavily damaged in a incident and is marked as unsafe to legally drive in the UK. The second reason if the car is in need of repair but the insurance company has determined that the cost to repair the vehicle is half or more of the current market value of the car.

What is the write off procedure?

Once you approach your car insurance company of a potential car write off a few things will happen. Someone at the insurance company will asses the damage to the car or verify that the car has been stolen. If damage is the problem then a strict set of procedures will be followed to determine if the vehicle car be repaired in a safe and economical way.

If the car can’t be repaired (or is not recoverable after being stolen) then you will be eligible to receive the market value of the car at the time of the indecent. If the payout is accepted then the car will be either crushed (if available) or sold on to a third party for parts, repair etc.

Protection against loss when your car is written off

Because you only receive the market value of the car you will be left out of pocket as this won’t be the price you paid for the car. Thankfully this is the whole point of gap insurance as the gap insurance will bridge the gap between the market value of the car and what it costs to replace. Visit our homepage for more info and the latest deals and discount codes for Ala Gap Insurance to get fully protected but a nice bit cheaper.

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About ALA – Why to choose ALA for your car GAP insurance cover

ALA is a car GAP insurance provider that was first formed in 1990 and have been a dedicated provider of financial products in the motoring industry to corporate and personal clients. They are regulated by the FCA and are able to provide specialist insurance policies with their vast knowledge of the of the GAP insurance market and their years of customer satisfaction.

From you can purchase products and have the complete satisfaction and confidence in knowing that you are using a company that is one of the most experienced, dedicated and respected GAP insurance brokers.

Every client of ALA get the following in the service or package…

  • Full support and advice on all products and services
  • 24/7 experienced and qualified claims support
  • Fully qualified advice and support on all the products
  • Instant and hassle free access to a large range of insurance products

So why should you use ALA?

Ala offer a great range of discounts to make buying GAP insurance that little bit easier, and also have a good selection of promotion codes to help you save money. They off a secure transaction from start to finish and only use security rated insurers that provide ALA with long term support and fantastic claims management. ALA have competitively priced and all the products and services they do supply are designed with industry regulations.

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We Answer The Question: Is GAP Insurance Worth It?

Many people ask when looking into GAP Insurance Is gap insurance worth it? To answer this question you really need to consider the type of risk and how much you could afford to loose if the worst happened to your car.

Many people buy their GAP insurance for the first 3 years that they have the new car for (but this can work with 2nd hand cars too) because they will depreciate more over this time than any other time of the cars life. It’s in this time frame that GAP Insurance proves to be most useful. If you still don’t fully understand GAP Insurance then please read our quick guide.

Let’s look at some figures of a new car and how much it will loose in value as soon as you drive it home.

Let’s say Car A has a list price of £30,000 and the average price of this drops by about 15% to 20% as soon as you leave the showroom. You’re car is now only worth between £24,000 and £25,500. Say you own the car for a further 2 years, it could loose much more value and now could be worth only £19,000 to £21,000 depending on the mileage.

If you paid cash for the car you’re now down around £9,000, or worst still if you purchased on finance, have a debt over the value of the cost of the car before purchase.

If the worst happened and the car was a write-off, your insurance company would only give you the current value of the car. So in order to replace the car like for like, the insurance company would only allow a £20,000 price. This isn’t good news if you purchased the car on finance and still owe £27,000 worth of debt.

This is where GAP Insurance starts to show its worth. The GAP Insurance would fill the gap between the current value of the car (what the insurance will pay) and the list price of the car new. You already know this (probably) so is GAP insurance really worth it?

With Ala Gap Insurance we created a quote and to get your GAP insurance on the same priced car (£30,000) you would simply pay an insurance of £142 that latest the 3 year period. So 3 years peace of mind would only cost you £142. This would ensure you’re covered if the worst would happen.

So you should ask yourself, is it really worth risking such a high price in exchange for £142?

10% Off All GAP Insurance With Our Promo Code – Click For More Info

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What is ALA Gap Insurance and why do you need it?

GAP Insurance from ALA is car insurance that is designed to ensure you are not left out of pocket in the event of your car being written off. GAP Insurance is a great idea as it will protect you from any shortfall between an insurance payout and any outstanding finance agreement. The diagram below should help explain what GAP Insurance from ALA provides…


Nearly 500,000 cars each year are stolen and most of these are written-off or completely vandalised in one way or another. ALA provide GAP insurance policies that protect you in the event your car is written off or stolen. Comprehensive Motor Insurance is commonly believed to cover you against this loss, but this is a huge misconception. With standard insurance you’ll only get the current market value for the vehicle if it’s written off.

By using a ALA discount code you can get peace of mind with your GAP insurance and also save some money in the process. Checkout our homepage for the latest deals from ALA.

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