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What is ALA Gap Insurance and why do you need it?

GAP Insurance from ALA is car insurance that is designed to ensure you are not left out of pocket in the event of your car being written off. GAP Insurance is a great idea as it will protect you from any shortfall between an insurance payout and any outstanding finance agreement. The diagram below should help explain what GAP Insurance from ALA provides…


Nearly 500,000 cars each year are stolen and most of these are written-off or completely vandalised in one way or another. ALA provide GAP insurance policies that protect you in the event your car is written off or stolen. Comprehensive Motor Insurance is commonly believed to cover you against this loss, but this is a huge misconception. With standard insurance you’ll only get the current market value for the vehicle if it’s written off.

By using a ALA discount code you can get peace of mind with your GAP insurance and also save some money in the process. Checkout our homepage for the latest deals from ALA.

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