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What Happens When A Car Is Written Off

Having a car written off, also known as a total loss or a total write off, means that you have little chance of the car getting repaired as the cost to do so would mean spending more than the car is worth. There are lots of reasons why a car insurance company write off cars and we’re going to cover that in this article. Hopefully this will help educate our readers and maybe prevent your car from being a total write off in the future.

How are cars decided to be a write off?

There are several factors that normally cause a car to be written off and these are generally accident, flood or fire damage, and of course if the car is stolen. If this happens then a car could be classified as a total write off for two main reasons.

The first reason could be the car is heavily damaged in a incident and is marked as unsafe to legally drive in the UK. The second reason if the car is in need of repair but the insurance company has determined that the cost to repair the vehicle is half or more of the current market value of the car.

What is the write off procedure?

Once you approach your car insurance company of a potential car write off a few things will happen. Someone at the insurance company will asses the damage to the car or verify that the car has been stolen. If damage is the problem then a strict set of procedures will be followed to determine if the vehicle car be repaired in a safe and economical way.

If the car can’t be repaired (or is not recoverable after being stolen) then you will be eligible to receive the market value of the car at the time of the indecent. If the payout is accepted then the car will be either crushed (if available) or sold on to a third party for parts, repair etc.

Protection against loss when your car is written off

Because you only receive the market value of the car you will be left out of pocket as this won’t be the price you paid for the car. Thankfully this is the whole point of gap insurance as the gap insurance will bridge the gap between the market value of the car and what it costs to replace. Visit our homepage for more info and the latest deals and discount codes for Ala Gap Insurance to get fully protected but a nice bit cheaper.

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